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Archive for "Feb 01 2008"

Someone Explain This For Me

First, let me get this out of the way: “Dude! Your chubby face and willingness to whore your kid? WTF is up with that?”

“I have him here today to learn a very valuable lesson,” Knoblauch said after the meeting. “If you do something in life, be prepared to talk about it openly and honestly.”

No, you used him as a prop.

Ex-Yankee Chuck Knoblauch meets with congressional attorneys

Next, if Knobby DID admit to using juice in the existant timeline provided by McNamee, doesn’t that kinda/sorta belie the idea that ‘roids makes you a better player? He was already suffering a serious case of da yips; one that became so bad he was the reason the Yanks brought up Robbie Cano.

If he was sticking a needle in his butt, he (it would seem) was obviously doing it WRONG. Seriously, if his tush got jabbed that many times in 2001, why’d his (allegedly) pin-needled ass get benched when the World Series was on the line?

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