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Archive for "Dec 31 2007"

More “Year in Review” Stuff

Can you imagine being the editor stuck dealing with this guy?

I’d shoot myself if union rules disallowed kicking the crap out of my staff.
Patterico’s Los Angeles Dog Trainer Year in Review 2007

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“Hillary!”: ‘experience:’ Exactly what is it?

Inquiring minds would like to know

Because she has made her “experience” her primary qualification for the presidency, the people deserve to see exactly what experience she really has. Which policies did she help shape? Which did she oppose? Did she serve as a de facto staff member or did her role primarily consist of whispering suggestions into her husband’s ear? That history is blackened out, and she is keeping it that way. Why?

She has said that releasing the records is Bill’s decision, not hers. But if she cannot convince her husband to release some White House documents for public scrutiny, how does she expect us to believe she will be able to convince Congress or foreign heads of state to follow her lead?

If Mrs. Clinton cannot prevail upon her husband to release the records, there is another option. She could parade his former Cabinet members and staff members to vouch for her. If she were as involved as she claims, surely they would happily share stories of how she helped shape policy and get things done. But she has not done that. We wonder why not.

We all know about her FUBAR Health Care gambit when she last decamped in the West Wing, so how in the name of anything rational are we to believe she knows anything about anything if they won’t release the record?

LP’s Post and Comment of the Year 07 Voting

I’m locking it on top till the end of the week.
Let’s all five of us hold a vote! A caucus! A circle jerk! Eleventy!!0011

For “Comment,” I vote for this one:

LeatherPenguin » Mitchell Report is (Fatally?) Flawed [UPDATED]


Let me put it this way.

Hillary was one hundred percent correct when she spoke of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

She just didn’t tell us she and Bill were fucking part of it.

I recuse myself from “Post” voting.

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