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Apple: Destroying Brand Loyalty One User (in this case, the Wrong User) at a Time

There should have been a flag on this guy’s name when it was punched in; you offer him a latte and send him home as a ‘happy camper’ no matter the retail cost.

But this? This is ridiculous:

When I got back from Europe my black MacBook wouldn’t boot, it just sat there with a disk icon and a flashing question mark. So I made an appointment at the Apple store in Emeryville to have it looked at. Permalink to this paragraph

When I got there, there was no wait, they were calling my name. The repair guy opened the Mac, took out the disk, went into the back room, and came back saying the disk was bad, I’d need a new one. How much? $160. How large? 80GB. I’ve been buying disks lately, I bought a 500GB disk for $150 a few weeks ago, and just bought a 1TB disk for $280. So I knew that $160 for 80GB, even in a portable form factor, was probably a ripoff, but I figured here I am now, I can get the computer working, so I said OK and shrugged it off.

The new disk went in, I signed a form, and was about to leave and asked for the old disk and the clerk said it was his not mine. They were going to send it back to the manufacturer. I figured it would be refurbished and sold cheap to someone in a third world country. Little did I suspect.

He got his supervisor. She insisted that the drive belonged to Apple, even though I had paid an inflated price to buy a new one. She showed me the language on the reverse side of the form I signed. It was even worse than she had said. There was no guarantee that the drive they had just put in my Mac was new! It might have been someone else’s defective drive. I said it was outrageous. I grabbed a copy of the agreement and left.

This Will Leave a Mark They Can’t Even begin to Deal With

This is just Retardo to the Nines. Pissing off Dave Winer? It is just flat out dumbass. He can–check that, IS–loading a mega-barreled blowback gun that will be an almighty fire.

This is why I always tell Wife™: “I buy boxes from Apple; but I go service from Tekserve. if I can’t fix it, there’s no way I go to those douches wearing “Genius” tee shirts.”

I go Twenny-tird.

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