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Archive for "Nov 09 2007"

Aye Caramba!

CQ Today Midday Update – Angry Hispanic Democrats Confront House Leaders

Tensions between Hispanic Democrats and House leaders exploded Friday when a bloc of Hispanic lawmakers voted to derail a major tax bill, relenting only after an angry confrontation on the floor with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer, D-Md.

The rebellion was a response to votes by 36 Democrats Thursday night in favor of a non-binding Republican motion Hispanic members called offensive. It instructed House conferees on an appropriations bill to accept a Senate-passed provision prohibiting the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from suing employers over certain English-speaking requirements.

That motion was the latest in a series of immigration- and language-related votes that Republicans have used to splinter Democrats, some of whom are nervous about GOP attack ads that could portray them as “soft” on illegal immigration.

It always puzzles me, this ‘protecting my Hispanic constituents’ shit, when said “constituents” affected are, overall, here illegally… thereby ineligible to vote (unless, of course, shit like Spitzer’s gambit opens the doors to Motor Voter fraud).

But throwing a hissy fit over a non-binding resolution?

The almighty Kos weighs in: Is Rahm racist, or merely scared?

It’s got to be one or the other, because Rahm Emanuel is behind efforts to build Democratic support for the Shuler/Tancredo “enforcement-only” bill currently winding its way through the House.

Think about it — our House leadership is strong-arming Democrats into backing a bill which is the central agenda of the biggest racist xenophobe Tom Tancredo.

No, Captain Mentos, Rahm has seen all the polling data that says, incontrovertibly, that any politician that even looks like they are working an potential amnesty angle will have Hell to pay. And while you idiots have a sparkling record of losing elections while remaining ideologically “pure,” Emanuel is in the business of actually winning.

An Inconvenient Truth

Sen. Joe Biden said in an interview at the New Hampshire Union Leader this afternoon that too many Democrats, including the frontrunners for the presidential nomination, do not have faith in the American people.

“We’ve got to trust the American people more,” Biden said.

“I think they’ve really lost faith in the American people in terms of leveling with them,” he said of his leading rivals.

You gotta give Biden credit; though the same could be said about some of the upper tier Republicans (I’m looking at you, Trent “Pork Whore” Lott, and your asshole pals from Alaska), the guy is basically burning any chance of a Cabinet position if a Democrat wins the ’08 Presidential race by being this blunt:

Asked if he thinks, as he suggested recently in another interview, that the other candidates tend to think the American people are stupid or easily fooled, he said, “Well, I do.”

“It’s not even so much they don’t trust, which is a piece of it,” he said. It’s that they think that “the way to win is the Bill Clinton triangulation and the Karl Rove angering.”

“It’s the thesis that you go to your base because people don’t vote. Well, why don’t they vote?” he asked. He said he thinks people don’t vote because they’re tired of the way politicians treat them.

He said Democrats would do better if they stopped dividing the electorate by playing to their base and instead brought people together. He criticized the left wing of his party for demonizing the rich and Republicans.

“Rich folks are as patriotic as poor folks, but we don’t talk that way,” he said.

I get the feeling that last sentence is gonna drive the nutroots mental.

He said some of his rivals, especially Hillary Clinton, will turn out Republican voters. “They’re going to be lightning rods,” he said.

When Hillary Clinton has bragged about how she upsets the right wing, he said he’s wanted to tell her, “If you weren’t the nominee, the right wing would not be so exercised.”

He doesn’t think he would draw as much conservative ire and could even win over independents and some Republicans, he said.

One problem, Joe: the hard core, left wing Democrat base–who will likely decide who wins the nomination–will never vote for you… especially once they get a load of the way you just dissed them while showing those evil beasts from “the other side” a modicum of respect.

read it all.

I’d kinda be willing to change my voter registration from Independent to Democrat just to vote for the guy in the New York primary. Sure, it would be pointless–he may well be out of the race by then–but you gotta admire the guy for coming out and stating what so many jaded bastards like me believe to be so bloody obvious.

(h/t: Hot Air)

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