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Bobby Sands: “You People are Pussies”

Muslim prisoners sue for millions after they were offered ham sandwiches for Ramadan | the Daily Mail

Muslim inmates who were allegedly offered ham sandwiches during the holy season of Ramadan are suing for compensation….

After complaining to wardens, the prisoners were told the menus were a mistake. Many ordered cheese sandwiches instead, but some claimed they were still delivered ham sandwiches and ended up eating them because they were so hungry.

It was reported that lawyers estimated each inmate could receive as much £10,000 compensation if the claim is proved. Tax payers will end up footing the bill.

See, there’s an upside to living under the laws of the infidels: a potential paycheck! Why bother actually following Sha’ria, and refusing to eat the boiled ham sandwiches you allege were foisted upon you, when you can claim you were ‘forced’ to eat them (during a time when fasting is the operative show of Islamic faith), and say this–or just the existence of “ham” as a potential menue selection–equates to oppression, and only a payday will wipe away the stain.

Amateurs. Bloody wanker amatuers. Sands and the H-Block protesters died for their beliefs. You lot tossed yours aside because a couple of slices of boiled pig between slices of bread was, mistakenly, listed on a menu, and supposedly a couple of you shmucks succumbed to the siren song of pork.

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