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Archive for "Oct 22 2007"

Captains of Idiocy: The New Republic

In a post-Jason Blair/MoDo/ (“add the last potzer busted for idiocy”) world, the idea that seems to grip this publication’s editorial board is: “we can wait it out.” It’s just farking mindless. Like the Old Gray Lady, they are obstinately burying their brand.

You got called out; you said you would square it; instead, this is what we get:

Ten weeks later, however, their promises have proved empty. “The editors” think they can stonewall their way through the scandal. They should know better. Indeed, as we will see below, once upon a time TNR editor Franiklin Foer instructed readers in the wisdom of the proposition that “stonewalling never works.”

We now know that TNR editor Franklin Foer and executive editor Peter Scoblic spoke with Scott Beauchamp on September 7. Dogged blogger Bob Owens learned of the call from an Army spokesman. Why have “the editors” not disclosed the substance of their conversation with Beauchamp?

In their conversation with Beauchamp, Beauchamp must not have provided Foer and Scoblic a single fact with which to substantiate his “Shock troops” column. Six weeks after speaking with Beauchamp “the editors” have not addressed the report that Beauchamp recanted his column in the course of the Army investigation of its allegations. And commanding officer Colonel Ricky Gibbs has since confirmed that report.

In their September 7 phone call with Beauchamp, Foer and Scoblic asked their author to cancel interviews he had scheduled with the Washington Post and Newsweek. Again, they seem to think that stonewalling will allow them to ride out the scandal. They must be counting on the kindness of their friends in the MSM to cooperate. And to date their confidence has not been disappointed.

Upon taking the reins of TNR, editor Franklin Foer declared: “My priority is to put out the most intellectually provocative, intellectually honest magazine possible.” Foer’s aspiration for TNR now reads like a piece of black humor.

One guy running under the banner of “Confederate Yankee” made chumps of the whole crew of your organization… now I understand how you morons hired “St. Andrew of the Gob-Smacking Heartache” and got gassed by that jaygoff Steve Glass.

A MuNuvian! One of Pixy’s people out-reported your whole goddamn crew!
Everybody buy an extra-large bottle of Val-U-Rite and bet on Ace’s dumbassed pro football picks just because of this!

Powerline: “The editors” have resorted to stonewalling because disclosure at this late date would not cause the scandal to fade. “The editors” have taken the personal scandal of Scott Thomas Beuachamp and turned it into an institutional debacle. Disclosure would thus only amplify it. To quote Foer, “Who can argue with that?”

Why There is a Second Amendment

Did you ever wonder what our government wants to keep secret — and what courts allow them to keep secret?

You’ll get to see one such example in this post, courtesy of Howard Bashman, the legal blogger at How Appealing.

It ain’t pretty, folks.

Patterico’s » Was a Passage Omitted from a Recent Second Circuit Opinion for “Security” Reasons — Or to Cover Up Material Embarrassing to the FBI?

Home; Honking Post, Pics to Follow

First: Fuck Torre. The money drub should have meant nothing if he meant what he said about love. Write a book, give a couple of “motivational” speeches, and you would make more coin than you’d earn on any Yankee contract. You turned down more than twice what any MLB manager earns… fuck you, it was about the money. You wanted the money. There is no fucking thing like love in this arena when you turn down five million plus… you could make that much money having Filip Bondy ghosting a book while you sleep through the fifth inning.

Darth Boss George wanted you dead a year ago, and you knew it. It has been borrowed time since you couldn’t stop the ’04 Sox. Your extension contract was friggin’ insane, and, again, you knew it.

Yes, that week leaving you in the wind was a douchey deal, but you wanna know something? Billy Martin would have said “what did you expect? Steinbrenner plays nice?

“Buy the ticket; take the ride; the ride is called ‘gimme rings’. All else is shit.”

You took Buck/Stick’s team and won like crazy; you didn’t do shit beyond that squad’s breaking up. When Brosius and Paulie walked, you were seriously fucked. In association with Cashman, you helped chase Tino out of town to make room for that ridiculous douche RhoidBoy, and destroyed the pitching staff that won the first three rings.

The “Yoba Rules” were aimed right at you, because Mel was no longer around to stop you from burning arms out (see Quantrill; Gordon: Proctor). You sent Monahan and a can of bug spray to save the kid instead of pulling your team off the field, and then had him pitch two innings while your team had a motherfucking five run lead?

Fuck You, Uncle Joe.

Next: Go Sox; beat the Rox
(Hey? I am an AL guy, 24/7/365)

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