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Archive for "Oct 17 2007"

Why Your Average Reporter Needs a Beating Before Being Allowed to Report on Crime

Riehl World View: Senior Reduced To Tears By Reporter After Shooting

Blender Boy:

I was struck by reporter Rebecca Aguilar’s body-language, literally standing over him in judgment. The way she looked down, literally and figuratively, on an old man who had defended his life, entirely legally, and reduced him to tears seems to me to be representative of the worst stereotypes of Old Media. Then, when she belatedly realizes that she’s coming across like a bully — because, you know, she is — she retreats into faux-sympathy and the laughable claim that she’s just helping him get his side of the story out. It’s like something out of a local-tv parody on The Simpsons.

She reeks that she wants this “cracker get locked up.” Not for one frickin’ moment did she believe he was within his rights. He replacing his gun–which he could only trust–was for her a total affront.

Where do you live, bitch?

here’s her.

The reporterette’s bio


fucky, bha-bhai
here’s lolcat

Dear “Open Borders” Crowd

Think of how many have NOT been caught:
TB-tainted man crosses border 76 times

A Mexican national infected with a highly contagious form of tuberculosis crossed the U.S. border 76 times and took multiple domestic flights in the last year, according to Customs and Border Protection interviews and documents obtained by The Washington Times.

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency was warned by health officials on April 16 that the frequent traveler was infected, but it took the Homeland Security officials more than six weeks to issue a May 31 alert to warn its own border inspectors, according to Homeland Security sources who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution. Homeland Security took one more week to tell its own Transportation Security Agency.

Revenge of the Nerds!, one of the world’s largest online retailers, is on the brink of losing one of its most coveted patents. And it knows who to blame: a New Zealander called Peter Calveley.

The 36-year-old from Auckland has waged a solo campaign against Amazon and its army of lawyers since 2004 over the retailer’s claim to its famous 1-Click patent, a process that enables online shoppers to buy goods with the single click of a mouse button.

In response to Calveley’s request to re-examine the intellectual property, the US Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO) has just handed down a decision rejecting all but five of Amazon’s 26 claims to the patent.

War on Amazon patent began with a GRRRR!!!

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