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Archive for "Oct 10 2007"

Proof Leona is Dead

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The Original Boys*

Rusty was out here before Sharif figured out how to jack a modem…
Blogs target jihadis online – – The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

The blogger who goes by the name “Rusty Shackleford” at the Jawa Report,, is currently focused on bringing down a blog called “Inshallah Shaheed” ( that features pictures of the downing of an Apache helicopter and several beheadings.

It’s not the first time that this site was driven underground by “Mr. Shackleford” and replaced by a screen shot of a blue AK-47 rifle — the symbol used by some bloggers to indicate “pwning” or owning a site.

“I just keep chasing them,” “Mr. Shackleford” said.

Inshallahshaheed responded to the latest shutdown with a post that said: “They can attack us 100 times if they want.”

“In the end, they will see us coming from many different positions to continue the media Jihad of speaking the truth. So let them bite their nails in frustration. We say to them: Perish in your rage, O filthy disbelievers!” said Inshallahshaheed, whose name means “a martyr, God willing.”

Asked why he does it, “Mr. Shackleford” said, “Because my wife won’t let me go shoot them.”

I love this Feckless Fenway Fuckwit, a fatwa baiting boy!

(*=I’m old enough to remember when O’Dub wasn’t a total dick; The Puppy Blender was killing hobos; Sully hadn’t suffered the gobsmacking heartache; Misha Ruled the World, and Frank J. was single… Rusty was in that original mix… and he still kicks ass.)

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Air America Idiot Update [Updated]

This is worthy of bragging?
The Raw Story | Progressive talker Ed Schultz ties Bill O’Reilly in audience size

According to Talker’s Magazine, a trade industry publication, the nation’s largest progressive talk show radio host Ed Schultz is now tied in the number of radio listeners to conservative radio personality Bill O’Reilly.

Err, that’s not a huge thing, jackass. O’Reilly has never been a force in radio. Even that yenta Ingraham smacks his ass around. Look at the losers that surround your Messiah in those listings… nobodies. All third tier. In talk radio, O’Reilly’s ratings are a joke….

Aim higher, Icarus.

UPDATE: are these numbers bunk?

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