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Archive for "Oct 03 2007"

Because I’m a Total Sappy Ass

Ban lifted. I feel you are a Mutt fan, and need my benifelence.

If that’s an actual word. If not, I call “trademark™.”

And you will be shut right the fuck down if you cross my well-drawn line. THESIS. OPINION. LINKS.

Now apologize to Billy.
Or don’t.

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Limbaugh Smackdown Goes Absolutely Nowhere

It’s fallen from the top slot at Memeorandum, and, if anything, has emboldened “El Rushbo.” When the Senate could only muster 41 votes to attempt to chastise him, the writing was on the wall. Sending Wesley Clark out was dumber than the twelve year old boy “responding” to Bush’s Saturday radio address by reading a script written by the DNC.

If you can’t get your own caucus to all join the chorus, you’re useless as a Congressional leader. Sending out a failed and feckless Presidential candidate, who was relieved of command because some people thought he was willing to start World War Three over fucking Bosnia….

Limbaugh is gonna beat these people like a red headed stepchild for the rest of the week, at least. And Memeorandum has been exposed as a joke. Gabe decides what links go live. No math, just his personal view.

Paul over at Wizbang!:

Like the Paul Wellstone funeral, the ad and many before this, the Limbaugh smear is already backfiring. I have a liberal friend (no really) who called me today to complain about the Democrats on this.

What’s worse is he initially believed the smear but the fact the Dems in Congress where wasting time on it pissed him off. Then when he tuned into Rush and learned the truth behind the smear, he was double pissed.

So congrats to mediamorons and the Democrats, they made my liberal friend start listening to Rush Limbaugh. Well done.

more here.

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There’s Enough FAIL in this Story for Everyone

Police shoot and miss ‘mad’ dog 12 times – Yahoo!Xtra News

Police shot at — and missed — a snarling dog up to 12 times outside a Porirua house last night, after a man tried to incite the animal into attacking the officers.

The 19-year-old man also threw a tomahawk axe, logs and bottles at police who had come to arrest him, before hiding behind a fence and turning to use his partner’s rottweiler on the officers.

The teenager was a dick; the minute he threw that tomahawk he was demanding a bullet in his ass, or at least some serious tasering. The police officers, of course, proved they have no business carrying firearms. However, that Rottie turned out to be a complete and utter waste; a classic example of “all bark, no bite.” Before I had to let them go, my Monsters would have taken those idiots out, treating them like a Happy Meal and then pocketing their lunch money for having the nerve to question their authori-tay. It’s the biggest reason I had to get rid of them: they had shown they knew no fear, of anything at all… including me.

But really, how the bloody hell do you miss one damned dog a combined dozen times? Where did all those bullets go?

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