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Archive for "Oct 01 2007"

Wife™ asks: “Are You Out of Your Friggin Mind?”

ME: “What did I do this time?”

SHE: “Do you know what time it is?”

ME (glances at clock, which is not yelling ‘midnight’): “Yes.”

SHE: (smacks me upside the head; a passing glance)


ME: (yokes the remote) “It’s Eddie and the Cruisers.”

(to this day, twelve years into this thing, she still doesn’t get what’s up with me, the Ramones, and Southside Johnny and the Jukes.)

SHE: “Gimme your car keys.”

ME: “You want my car keys?”


I hand them over… what the hell? There is a second set sitting in a drawer five feet away from me… and I wasn’t even thinking about going anywhere farther than the backyard until She brought it up…

presses button on cell phone for voice commands:

PHONE: “Say a command.”
ME: “Call the Spic.”
PHONE: “Did you say, “Call the Spic”?
ME: “DUH!”
PHONE: “Calling…”

Me, Manny, and me looking to just make Wife™ pissed off crazy right to high heaven’s gate….

Yeah, there’s probably at least a misdemeanor wrapped up in this fucking bowtie.

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This Man is Owed a Beer by the Whole Damned Blogosphere

I’m flush with crybaby Mutt slush… I tip my seventh sixpack to YOU, SIR!
– Battlespace preparation and the blogosphere

But you know, I don’t really blame the pundits and partisans for that. It’s what they do; it moves the ball down their field. Instead, I blame the media for enabling the circus – for allowing the partisan point-scoring and feigned outrage to take precedence over….well, everything else.

They are covering National Politics as if they are office politics – displacing serious discussion of policy with juvenile discussions of pique. That may be a great way to score partisan points, but it’s not a great way to conduct democracy. Or journalism.

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BANZAI, You Low Rent Shitbag

Michelle Malkin » Fake war hero Tom Harkin smears Rush Limbaugh

Most folks understand the idea behind “ducks in a row” ….

You Harkin? Too stupid to come out from behind the blind before squeezing the trigger on your bullshit.

“Be serious. I told Reggie in ’77, “I’m gonna kill you if you don’t come through.” Chambliss saved his ass. Took a whole damn year for that asshole Jackson to figure it out. You think this douche can figure it quicker?

Hey, you realize I’m dead, right? But this is STILL MY HOUSE. My words only are heard in …”the hearts and minds of anyone who seriously believes they are a Yankee fan; that believes the Seventies were one HUGE screw up until I hit town….”

Hiya all you Malkinettes! Has Allah got that iPhone yet?

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