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Has Anyone Else Noted that Seymour NEVER Seems to Attribute His “Bombshell” Quotes?

yet the lefties take his shit as Holy Script: Firedoglake – Itching For Another Fight? Even “sources” that he describes as no longer involved in the military or diplomacy are constantly afforded anonymity… what’s up with that? From my perspective, it means nobody wants to be associated with the dude, but they are more than […]

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Congratulations, Red Sox Nation

Your boys didn’t pull the usual “Spring Forward; Fall Back” this year. (I’m standing and clapping… swear to Jim Beam and this kicker bottle of wheat beer.) Too bad about that Bulchoz (sp?) kid getting shut down… should have had some “Yoba Rules” in place so Francoma didn’t near burn the kid’s arm. I ask, […]

Hit Whores in Action

Now that the Old Gray Lady dropped that maniacally dumb “TimesSelect” craptastic example of how to bite yourself in the ass in the Internet Age, this morning we get not one, but two examples of mindless bullshit that has certainly drawn some Memeorandum action. (Too bad about Adblock and similar stuff, Pinch; you lost a […]

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