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Hit Whores in Action

Now that the Old Gray Lady dropped that maniacally dumb “TimesSelect” craptastic example of how to bite yourself in the ass in the Internet Age, this morning we get not one, but two examples of mindless bullshit that has certainly drawn some Memeorandum action. (Too bad about Adblock and similar stuff, Pinch; you lost a world of revenue by being such a dick….)

Anyway. The first is addressed by Jules Crittenden » Nation of Stupid. The second, which I found to oh such more fun in its inanity, is provided by the Times’s resident moron:

If you buy into the Washington logic that a flawless campaign is one that doesn’t make gaffes, never goes off-message and never makes news, then this analysis makes sense. The Clinton machine runs as smoothly and efficiently as a Rolls. And like a fine car, it is just as likely to lull its driver into complacent coasting and its passengers to sleep. What I saw on television last Sunday was the incipient second coming of the can’t-miss 2000 campaign of Al Gore.

This dude has never, ever, tried tuning a Jaguar. “Lulls its driver to sleep”? You spend half your time in screaming fear the thing will fall apart beneath your seat. And then he goes off dissing the Goracle? Heathen!

Senator Clinton may well be the Democrats’ most accomplished would-be president. But we won’t know for certain until she’s tested by events she can’t control. Had Bill Bradley roughed up Mr. Gore in 2000, it might have jolted him into running a smarter race against George W. Bush.

Holey moley, Dollar Bill could have been the Democrat Party’s Cassandra? If he had only kicked Goracle in the ‘nads everything would have been different?

Yo, Frankie? You knew shit about theater and you’re even less equipped for politics.

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