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Archive for "Sep 29 2007"

Jack’s Gotta Defend His Smack

This is one of the many areas where I’ll depart from the Bush administration, which is in charge of the Justice Department. Murtha slandered those troops and his repeated slanders of them echoed throughout the entire world. Murtha damaged our cause in the war. A civil slander suit is the least of the legal problems he ought to face for that.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Murtha will have to testify in defamation case

The defense, is kinda full of shit.

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Wait a Minute… What?

Army of Dude: The Real Deal

When I was a kid I watched Rush with my dad every morning when he was still on TV and always found him pretty funny and clever.

When was Limbaugh’s TV show on in the mornings, daily, when a knee-biter and Daddy would be in front of the screen at the same time eating their Cheerios?

As I remember it, his show was broadcasted during evening/late night hours….

Or does the “narrative” overwhelm “truth”?

Or does “lying out your ass as hard as shitting monkeys out you butt” work as prepping your audience for a whole boatload of bullshit?

Stay Classy, Fenway Fuckwits

The Darth Boss George Brigade: Red Sox Win AL East

Note to hashfanatic: I could have just banninated this guy from commenting, as was your case; even banninated him from throwing up posts as an active member of the DBGB website. In Ric’s case, it was an aberration… not an eternal modus operandi. So he was merely chided… but Ric knows the hammer is what happens next. Say “sorry” or else

I hit him with “or else.” One shot…x hours; and i liked that guy. Known him longer than you… he’s still gone.

You were warned two times and ignored it; I believe Ric, being not thick as a brick, won’t need another warning.

(and if El Jefe gets his ass off the golf course will take Ric to the woodshed.)

Jibbering in Maloneyville, like you and MoPee do, is never, ever, EVER gonna sell in my store.

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