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“What is it about CBS that people who work for them become delusional?”

Roger L. Simon: Something in the CBS water
money quote:

Meanwhile, Katie is reassuring an audience of the already firmly convinced that the Iraq War was a “mistake.” That’s indeed conventional wisdom in the MSM from a very conventional woman, but perhaps a tad early (fifty years?) for the history books. Also, it has the kind of (could we even say racist?) obliviousness we have come to expect from members of her class – coupled with the clich´s about no-Al-Qaeda-in-Iraq that have been contradicted a thousand times to no avail. I guess she doesn’t read much outside staff papers. One thing I’m certain she doesn’t read is Iraq the Model because it is written by, um, real Iraqis who had to live under Saddam. Was the war a mistake for them?

I won’t even talk to people who haven’t read Omar’s reports anymore. It just isn’t worth my time. The same people who expect me to believe a righteous dude I’ve known from years of reading and corresponding online, InDC’s Billy “We’re Hunting Moonbats” Ardolino, just like Omar, they (especially a certain anti-semitic brooklyn refugee) have the nerve to call these men “buttboys” ….

Anything that spills from their lips is just dumbassed ridiculous bullshit.

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