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Archive for "Sep 26 2007"

“What is it about CBS that people who work for them become delusional?”

Roger L. Simon: Something in the CBS water
money quote:

Meanwhile, Katie is reassuring an audience of the already firmly convinced that the Iraq War was a “mistake.” That’s indeed conventional wisdom in the MSM from a very conventional woman, but perhaps a tad early (fifty years?) for the history books. Also, it has the kind of (could we even say racist?) obliviousness we have come to expect from members of her class – coupled with the clich´s about no-Al-Qaeda-in-Iraq that have been contradicted a thousand times to no avail. I guess she doesn’t read much outside staff papers. One thing I’m certain she doesn’t read is Iraq the Model because it is written by, um, real Iraqis who had to live under Saddam. Was the war a mistake for them?

I won’t even talk to people who haven’t read Omar’s reports anymore. It just isn’t worth my time. The same people who expect me to believe a righteous dude I’ve known from years of reading and corresponding online, InDC’s Billy “We’re Hunting Moonbats” Ardolino, just like Omar, they (especially a certain anti-semitic brooklyn refugee) have the nerve to call these men “buttboys” ….

Anything that spills from their lips is just dumbassed ridiculous bullshit.

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You Have GOT to be Kidding Me – Bill Clinton, Eatery At Odds Over Chelsea Photo

(CBS) NEW YORK A celebrity photo has led a former president to send a threatening letter to a Manhattan restaurant owner.

President Bill Clinton has demanded [ed note: this is, technically, NOT TRUE] that the owner of Greenwich Village restaurant Osso Buco remove a picture of his daughter Chelsea that’s been gracing the walls of the family-style Italian eatery, alongside other celebrity photographs.

The Smoking Gun is there with a scan of the letter in question.

This is beyond ham-handed, it’s just plain retarded. First, she’s an adult, so why is one of Poppa Bubba’s flunkies demanding the picture be removed, instead of Chelsea? This just has to screw her up in the NYC ‘celebutante/overweening Yuppie’ crowd she mixes with. Really, with that goddamn CV she’s sporting, Daddy needs to fight her battles?

Next, she posed with the joint’s owner; what, she thought he WOULDN’T display the pic? Has she not been to any (or damn near EVERY) restaurant in NYC that doesn’t line its walls with similar photos (or personally signed publicity stills) when a celebrity of even the most dubious success comes to their house to chow down?


Parse the sentence: “We reserve the right to exercise any and all options available to us.” What sense does it make? Whatever “options” are “available,” if they are available, they are available. What “right” are you “reserv[ing]”? If it’s an option it can be “exercise[d].” So, “We reserve the right to exercise any and all options available to us” means absolutely nothing more than “we might have some options.” Which means nothing. And doesn’t sound threatening at all. Obviously, you want the reader to think you’re saying we have options and we intend to exercise them if you don’t comply. But you haven’t said that.

Nino, I’m not your lawyer. I’m just a law and politics blogger. But I say leave the photograph up. Clinton won’t come after you over this. He’ll look like a complete jerk.

I mean, he already does.

From Althouse’s comments: “Douglas Band is one of Bill Clinton’s full-time staffers. He is 34 years old and was at one time a White House intern.

Band is featured in a front page above-the-fold story in todays Wall Street Journal. Band was allegedly instrumental in introducing Clinton to one Raffaello Follieri, a suave young Italian who reportedly has secured millions of dollars in funds from Yucaipa Cos, an investment firm in which Bill Clinton is a partner. Follieri has been sued by the managing partner in the firm, Ron Burkle, for the misappropriation of at least $1,300,000 “to fund a lavish lifestyle that included a Manhattan penthouse, five-star meals and private jets for Mr. Follieri and his girlfriend, actress Anne Hathaway.”

WSJ story here (behind the dollar wall you hippie’s and non-capitalist cutthroats are too economically pathetic to breach… Aaargh!)

I’d say it’s firing time for a member of Bubba’s staff.

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Stop Whining, You Greedy Little Frog

Vivendi calls Apple iTunes contract terms indecent

PARIS (Reuters) – Vivendi condemned as “indecent” the contract terms between its Universal Music Group (UMG) unit and Apple Inc, the computer maker whose iTunes online store dominates the digital music market.

Vivendi is one of many large media companies that are trying to challenge Apple’s grip on the digital entertainment market and obtain more control over pricing. It said it was in talks with rival distributors.

“The split between Apple and (music) producers is indecent … Our contracts give too good a share to Apple,” Vivendi Chief Executive Jean-Bernard Levy told reporters at a gathering on Monday organized by the association of media journalists in France.

Let’s see… UMG provides their content (songs/video) to Apple. Apple handles the distribution, sales and all the back end work involved through its iTunes platform; they were the first company that came up with a workable business model for media companies to actually make money off digital distribution of their content, when these companies previously weren’t seeing a plug nickel (what’s the euro version of a nickel?) in the face of widespread piracy on peer to peer filesharing websites, that had these same media companies suing the very consumers Apple figured out how to bring into the fold.

Since they were the ones who figured out how to make a buck off that content, while idiots like UMG didn’t have a clue, Apple must be taking a mighty big cut of those sales, right?


At present, UMG, the world’s largest record company, gets 0.70 euro ($0.99) out of the 0.99 euro retail price charged by iTunes, Vivendi said.

UMG gets 70% of the dough, and they think that ain’t enough? How much of that do they turn over to the actual artists? These dinosaurs don’t realize that, with the current state of technology, no musician needs a bloody record label anymore.

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