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Archive for "Sep 25 2007"

Steve, You Are SERIOUSLY Fucking Up

Dude? There is no way in hell I sign a deal with AT&T. I wouldn’t care if the Jesus Phone only cost me nothing bucks. The iPod Touch… maybe. That phone, with that contract? Not on your second wife’s life.

By doing this, you’re telling me, and a huge hunk of the fanboys, Apple has sudddenly become seriously stupid:
Slashdot | Upcoming Firmware Will Brick Unlocked iPhones

The code kids are gonna unlock whatever fix your monkeys come up with; that’s just a matter of fact. You know that, or at least you would if you picked up your own iPhone and allowed Woz to explain it to you. All you’re gonna do is piss people off.

No one gives a shit that you were an idiot and locked YOUR ass to AT&T. And no one really needs to buy your computers anymore unless they are hard core graphics/music whores….

So stop being a douche. When your crap threatens to lose a guy like me–who doesn’t own a Jesus Phone but has spent twenty+ happily spent years neck deep in the Reality Distortion Field–you are dancing on the razer*, baby.

(*get it? It’s a phone joke)

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They Were Better Off Behind the Dollar Wall

It’s going to be interesting, in an abject, “I like watching train wrecks” kinda way, to see which of the Old Gray Lady’s crazy grankids get the biggest bejeebus kicked out of their ass, now that they are all out from behind the dollar wall.

MoDo is pretty much immune; it’s tough making fun of a self-parody. Kruggie’s most likely in for a world of hurt… along with this jerk: – The Ugly Side of Bob Herbert

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We Call Them “The Retreat” FOR A REASON

if this isn’t the dumbest lede, you’re gonna have to school me about what could possibly be stupider:
Comptroller sets his sights on City Hall –

The nation’s political lens has zoomed into next year’s presidential race earlier than usual, but that hasn’t stopped New York City candidates from slyly staking their claims in the 2009 race to succeed Mayor Michael Bloomberg — regardless of whether he makes a much-anticipated run for the White House.

As the field of potential mayoral candidates crystallizes, Comptroller William Thompson continues to inch toward asserting his aspirations without officially announcing them.

There’s a reason Teh Retreat does not allow direct comments on their articles.

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