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Archive for "Sep 23 2007"

Wait a Minute… What?

United Press International – Clinton says she can appeal to GOP voters

Clinton said she won re-election in New York “with nearly 67 percent of the vote, carrying a lot of the same counties that (President) George Bush had carried just two years before. I’ve been able to get a lot of Republican and independent support in this campaign.”

Toots, I dare anyone who is not a really hard cold political junkie to even name your 2006 opponent, and for that matter, the doofus you ran against the first time around without scoring the answer from Google….

Seriously, if you think that “67%” crap proves you’ve got cross-party appeal, you need to go visit my buddy, “Vinnie from Brooklyn.” He’s got a bridge you might be interested in acquiring.

European Central Bank to EU Politicians, Business Leaders: “Shut Your Dirty Whore Mouths”

“It’s OUR economy, and we’ll do whatever we damn well want with it!”

The European Central Bank again struck out at politicians and industry leaders who warn that the soaring euro will cost European jobs by making exports too expensive in foreign markets.

Speaking in Paris even as the euro punched through a new record of $1.41 Friday, ECB board member Lorenzo Bini Smaghi urged politicians to exercise “greater verbal discipline” when talking about exchange rates.

“Only the president Of the ECB and the Eurogroup should comment on the euro exchange rate,” Bini Smaghi said.

ECB, Politics, Business Spar Over Euro Rate

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Better Get Chuck Norris on the Phone

Because it’s obvious this guy means business, and the NYPD doesn’t seem to be able to stop his reign of terror: – S.I. Ninja Bandit Strikes 16th Time In 4-Months

He took a knife in the chest last time he attacked and it hasn’t slowed him down; if Chuck won’t save us, at least round up some pirates, stat.

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