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Archive for "Sep 22 2007"

Oh, Canada…

you filthy, dirty whore…

In a bid to discredit Canada at the United Nations, Iran is equipping world diplomats with a 70-page booklet on Canada’s alleged human rights violations.

Written by Iran “in the name of God,” the document asserts that the Canadian government denies its people food, clean water and the right to work.

“Routine unlawful strip and beatings by Canadian police has been a matter of concern for international community,” notes the booklet, entitled Report on Human Rights Situation in Canada, adding that “the practice of police is alarming simply because I it is functioning as if there is no need to have judges.”

The publication, which claims its allegations are drawn from “objective and factual information released by authentic and credible international sources”, alleges that a range of human rights violations occur in Canada, especially toward aboriginal peoples and immigrants.

“To the great dismay of the international community, it is a great concern that the rights of women are violated, and no serious attention has been paid in promotion and protection of women’s rights in Canada.”

See, if you’d only follow Iran’s lead, and institute policies like beheading and stoning, do you realize how many bucks you’d free up? You’d save a mint just on HIV meds! It’s a “Win/Win” you silly Canucks.

LGF: The Day Before Ahmadinejad’s US Visit: Down With USA (Update: Arabic Reads, ‘Death to USA’)

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Taserboy Mashup

C-A, T-U-R, D-A-Y, yikes!

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