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The Hand of Soros?

I’m gonna try real hard not to end up sounding like someone whose haberdashery is provided by Alcoa, but as someone who spent a number of years in trading pits, and has witnessed market manipulation up close and personal (“where were you when they added the fourth digit to COMEX’s Gold scoreboard?” ME: I was making a bet the git would fall off the ladder”),

What’s going on with the various currencies and hard contracts just doesn’t add up when I do the math.

First: The Euro.

Next: The Loon.

Where’s the Yen?
Standing on the sidelines, it seems; shrugging its shoulders and wondering why it hasn’t been invited to the dance. If there was a real, fundamentally-driven run away from the equity, wouldn’t the Japs be fleeing alongside everybody else? Or standing tall! Drawing their broadswords!

The EU is having a huge problem right now, that you never hear about on your daily newscasts: its center of power wants to blow itself up.

Brussels may end up being Berlin.

Now, knowing that, the trader in me says either dump or short the shit out of that scrip… so my brain says, “why is the Euro climbing? Who the fuck is buying this stuff to prop it up?” There are no economic rationales I’ve seen to defend it… other than slamming the American greenback hard enough to drag it down to these alleged competitors’ levels, thereby launching an equity panic.

Really, the EU figures a chunk of their GDP lately is coming from suing American companies, such as the recent “finding” against Microsoft, which they will immediately wield like a bat to beat Apple into cutting another check, intended to make up for the fact that their home grown stuff doesn’t come up to snuff. The EU, by their own strictures, has choked the life out of themselves, to the point that a Yankee doesn’t need to teach them how to make a lynch rope.
(two points if you can tag that line)

Stay classy, Europe. “Can’t invent? Sue.”

Look at your hard drive… name me one useful thing the EU has ever produced.

Canada’s economy is a comparative joke; even their home-brew NHL crew demands to paid be paid in US dollars, yet for some unknown reason, suddenly their currency is considered par with US issued paper? Why is that? The article I linked uses commodity pricing as reasoning, but if you follow that line of logic, African nations should be the economic powerhouses of the world’s economy.

It’s a load of shit.

Which brings me to George Soros. The man made his bones crippling a couple of countries’ economies through currency wheeling and dealing. He invested an appreciable cache of cash trying to defeat Pres. Bush back in ’04. He is the driving force behind various Lefty-leaning (read: Democrat) “activist” endeavors, such as And the fucker lost.

As far as a “business” payout, that investment has pretty much earned a “FAIL” rating. As a personal bitchslap, it must have stung more than a taser.

So it is not hard to believe he’s gone back to his tried and true method: undermine his target country’s economy. He funds groups who vociferously refuse allowing the USA to tap into the country’s oil reserves. He funds groups whose sole mission seems to be portraying the US Government in the most unflattering light…. oh, and he fronts a group that, when you burn it down, believes in The New World Order.

As a former maniac living in COMEX’s gold and silver trading pits, I readily admit that I told clients absolute bullshit to make them trade the way I wanted the market to play… but I had to deal with the power of my ability to trick them with a bit of silver-tongued bullshit and make them accept my rhetoric.

Soros has a bulldozer of bucks he can use to fuck the whole thing thing up and bury his opposition.

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