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Archive for "Sep 21 2007"

The Hand of Soros?

I’m gonna try real hard not to end up sounding like someone whose haberdashery is provided by Alcoa, but as someone who spent a number of years in trading pits, and has witnessed market manipulation up close and personal (“where were you when they added the fourth digit to COMEX’s Gold scoreboard?” ME: I was making a bet the git would fall off the ladder”),

What’s going on with the various currencies and hard contracts just doesn’t add up when I do the math.

First: The Euro.

Next: The Loon.

Where’s the Yen?
Standing on the sidelines, it seems; shrugging its shoulders and wondering why it hasn’t been invited to the dance. If there was a real, fundamentally-driven run away from the equity, wouldn’t the Japs be fleeing alongside everybody else? Or standing tall! Drawing their broadswords!

The EU is having a huge problem right now, that you never hear about on your daily newscasts: its center of power wants to blow itself up.

Brussels may end up being Berlin.

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Spitzer to Make New York a Sanctuary State


ALBANY – Illegal immigrants will be able to obtain driver’s licenses under a controversial new policy to be announced today by Gov. Spitzer, The Post has learned.

Under the change, the Department of Motor Vehicles will no longer require applicants provide Social Security numbers or proof that they are eligible for Social Security cards, a source said.

Instead, the DMV will accept valid foreign passports, previous state driver’s licenses and other verifiable proofs of ID that would be considered on a point-based system, the source said.

“The DMV does not believe it’s in the business checking a person’s legal status, it’s not the INS,” the source said.

Following 9/11, then-Gov. George Pataki in 2002 issued an executive order requiring driver’s-license applicants to show a Social Security number to prove their residency status.

As the report notes, “Steamroller” is not gonna attempt running this through the state legislature, where he knows it would never stand a chance of passing. Instead, he’s just going to issue his own executive order that will supercede Pataki’s order requiring proof that an applicant is actually a legal resident of the United States before being granted the privilege to operate a motor vehicle.

The vetting process outlined here is complete and utter bullshit: possession of a valid foreign passport would mean that anyone here with a tourist stamp could obtain a driver’s license. The other criteria could easily be obtained using faked or stolen identification issued by some entity that did not perform the due diligence that should be required before anything that “legitimizes” a person brandishing such a document is issued. Those “point system” documents most likely will consist of things like telephone, gas and electric bills; I could probably get my dog signed up a customer of Verizon, Keyspan and Con Ed without breaking a sweat (I’ve already pulled that stunt on Columbia House and various magazines over the years).

Other than at airports, a NYS issued driver’s license pretty much gives its bearer carte blanche.

When Spitzer was campaigning, he kept blathering on about “on Day One, everything will change.” He sure as shit never mentioned this.

In Memory of a 1st Lieutenant, USMC

INDCJournal: “[W]e shall fight on, insh’allah, as Mulazam Manion would want, and would do.”

Rest in Peace, 1LT Travis Manion

If you can afford to, be sure to hit Billy’s tip jar, so that stories like this will be told; it’s too damn obvious the MSM isn’t going to do it, so it’s up to people like Bill Ardolino, and the other citizen journalists/milbloggers, to make sure the truth about the men, women and events going on over there–encompassed in reports such as this–don’t go untold.

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