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Archive for "Sep 14 2007"

She Should Be Running Instead of Silky Pony should not have labeled Gen. David Petraeus “General Betray Us” in a controversial newspaper ad, Elizabeth Edwards said in Des Moines Friday.

“Someone who’s spent their life in the military doesn’t deserve ‘General Betray Us,’” said Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards.

She knows the nutroots won’t turn on her hubby when she says something as obvious (and, frankly, tepid) as this, but if he said it, the follow-up questions would have him tieing himself in knots trying to avoid saying something more muscular against MoveOn’s tactics.

All the Dems running for Prez are too frightened of MoveOn to call them out on that advert, but sheesh, sending your wife out? Bad form, Silky.

“Do No Evil”…

Yea, right; what dictionary do you use to define that, boys? A Mandarin edition?
Google Censors the Claremont Insider

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Payback’s a Bitch, and NASCAR was Pissed, So They Dropped a Bomb on You Dumb Shits

Back when a couple of local pols and resident anti-NASCAR yahoos turned a public meeting concerning ISC/NASCAR’s plan to build a track on Staten Island into the Jerry Springer Show, I warned that killing the track without giving them a fair hearing might be the worse thing these fools could do:

Even if they do kill the track, ISC will still own the property; they ain’t gonna just walk away. There are a hell of a lot of other things they can do without having to ask anyone’s permission, many of which are a shitload worse than further whacking out Staten Island traffic three or so weekends a year.

They could turn it into a 24/7/365 nightmare.

Welcome to the nightmare:

“Be careful what you wish for” is what some Staten Islanders may be telling themselves this week. They would be the ones who vigorously opposed the proposed Nascar racetrack last year. I’m not sure what kind of bucolic development these protesters preferred in that large tract in the Bloomfield section of the borough, but they certainly won’t be getting any such thing now. International Speedway Corp., which was denied the racetrack, has sold the property to the world’s largest developer of distribution warehouses, ProLogis.

This latest development is rather ironical when one considers last year’s near violent community meetings, when politicians and community activists railed against what they said was a traffic nightmare that would result from the three Nascar weekends a year. Instead, we’ll have to deal with thousands of trucks arriving at the new facility 24/7, 365 days a year, belching out fumes into the once pristine environment. [TC: Alicia, what “pristine environment” are you talking about? That’s where the LNG tanks that went KABOOM back in ’73 used to be. The area is an “industrial zone”… otherwise known as “an environmental mess.”]

Even the mooks down on Fingerboard Road are asking, “Are you happy now?”:

So instead of having to deal with the purported “nightmare” of three NASCAR race weekends a year, we’ll have to deal with hundreds, even thousands of trucks arriving, departing and idling at the new facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. ProLogis officials say goods will also be shipped in and out by barge and rail, but there are still going to be trucks — lots of them.

And, unlike ISC, which needed government approvals to build the track and sought to build ties with the community, ProLogis can build its huge industrial park as of right on the industrial-zoned site. It doesn’t need any government body to OK its plan. It doesn’t even need the good will of the people of Staten Island, as ISC did.

As The Retreat’s editorial points out, ISC (NASCAR’s parent company) said this was exactly what might happen if the track was rejected:

ISC officials had warned of this very scenario when they were still making their pitch to win support for the track here. They said that if the track plan failed and they moved on, something Staten Islanders might like even less could go there.

Predictably, they were accused by the outraged opponents of the NASCAR proposal of making “threats.” That was more or less typical of the level of the debate on this issue — debate that was characterized by gross distortions throughout.

ISC, of course, wasn’t making a threat; they were stating a hard, cold fact. They were never gonna walk away from a triple digit investment in a prime piece of property… and now, by selling it to ProLogis (for a tidy $5 million profit), the “traffic nightmare” the anti-track NIMBY asshats predicted is gonna come true on an unimaginable scale.

ProLogis, as opposed to what ISC/NASCAR proposed, doesn’t have to do jack-diddly squat to alleviate the impact of the additional traffic on Staten Island roadways that the anti-NASCAR contingent screamed would wreak havoc for the three weekends per year that there would be races. By law, they can tell SI to pound sand, and roll a neverending convoy of trucks every day of the week; every week of the year.

Sure, you can float your ‘after the fact’ bullshit, but seriously, did you ever in you’re rat infested minds believe ISC would go for it with a purported mobster fronting this ‘alternate’ buyer? Do you tools think you possess the kind of juice that would make ISC forget what level of scumbag they were dealing with? Ragucci could have been the top bid and still would never have been awarded the property. The country boys were gonna drop a hammer on you fools for treating them like shit, and there wasn’t a damn thing you could do about it.

Who are the rube hicks now, Oddo, Lanza and SCAT? Did you think ISC was just gonna walk away, and let you build a friggin’ park on their property while they took a hundred ten million dollar hit? Did you believe Bloomberg would fork over the amount of money it would require for the city to buy that property?

Are you honestly, truly, that fucking dumb? Or was it all about getting a chubby by showing what “power” you think you got?

Instead of public access space that would have featured playing fields, shopping, and open spaces for forty five or more weeks each year, you’re ending up with a transfer point for big box retailers’ merchandise that will be running rigs 24/7/365….

You fucked with the wrong rednecks, you blind, self centered stupid fools, and now them good ol’ boys are paying y’all back… with interest.

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