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Chucky Cheese Strikes Again

The man has no shame:
Don Surber » Blog Archive » Schumer disses the troops

Get it? Schumer is saying that the Bush-Petraeus plan is such a failure that the tribal sheiks had to take matters into their own hands because our military was so inept. Our military had nothing to do with clearing out al Qaeda out of Ramadi and Baquba, news that will I’m sure come as quite a surprise to the brave men and women who distinctly remember things a little differently, having flushed out al Qaeda and all.

But what Schumer says is important, because it telegraphs the tack that the Democrats are going to take in days and weeks ahead. The Democrats have the same view of the military that they do of all Americans. The average American, according to the liberal view, cannot make it on their own without government programs, regulation or control.

Does Chucky have the Feds covering his coverage on the Intarweb?

Seems so.

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