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Archive for "Sep 06 2007"

Chucky Cheese Strikes Again

The man has no shame:
Don Surber » Blog Archive » Schumer disses the troops

Get it? Schumer is saying that the Bush-Petraeus plan is such a failure that the tribal sheiks had to take matters into their own hands because our military was so inept. Our military had nothing to do with clearing out al Qaeda out of Ramadi and Baquba, news that will I’m sure come as quite a surprise to the brave men and women who distinctly remember things a little differently, having flushed out al Qaeda and all.

But what Schumer says is important, because it telegraphs the tack that the Democrats are going to take in days and weeks ahead. The Democrats have the same view of the military that they do of all Americans. The average American, according to the liberal view, cannot make it on their own without government programs, regulation or control.

Does Chucky have the Feds covering his coverage on the Intarweb?

Seems so.

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Citizen Journalism Rips the MSM a New Hole

The Massacre of Innocence
A stunning new book shows how elite culture made the Duke rape hoax possible.

Privileged, rowdy white jocks at an elite, Southern college, a poor, young black stripper, and an alleged rape: It was a juicy, made-for-the-media story of race, class and sex, and it was told and retold for months with a ferocious, moralistic intensity. Reporters and pundits ripped into Duke University, the white race and the young lacrosse players at the center of the episode, and the local justice system quickly handed up indictments. But as Stuart Taylor Jr. and KC Johnson show in “Until Proven Innocent”–and as the facts themselves would show when they finally came to light–it was a false story, a toxic controversy built on lies and bad faith.

There was plenty of wrongdoing, of course, but it had very little to do with Duke’s lacrosse players. It was perpetrated instead by a rogue district attorney determined to win re-election in a racially divided, town-gown city; ideologically driven reporters and their pseudo-expert sources; censorious faculty members driven by the imperatives of political correctness; a craven university president; and black community leaders seemingly ready to believe any charge of black victimization.

I truly believe that, if not for KC Johnson and his indispensable “Durham in Wonderland” blog-based reporting, which just absolutely shredded the “conventional wisdom” of race, class, and economic privilege being behind thi debunked “crime,”, which framed all the reporting in the MSM about this entire tawdry affair, those kids would have gone to jail. His straightforward reporting forced the story to NOT be accepted at first glance, and his digging put Nifong back on his heels and, ultimately, sitting on the witness stand attempting to defend his reprehensible conduct (if only CNN would similarly beat the bejeezuz out of that bitch Nancy Grace).

I also believe that KC’s future at CUNY/Brooklyn is entirely screwed. If he doesn’t have tenure, the wild-eyed PC profs that run that university’s system are gonna shove his ass right out the door for having the temerity to buck their “victimology” status quo.

I say this from watching a teacher/friend have it happen to him. He wrote a book that got rave reviews, and for some unknown reason (hero was a polack jew), that landed him on CUNY’s Shit List.

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The Gold Standard for Political Corruption

Albany is a travesty, but these guys make them look like shnooks:
FBI arrests 11 NJ officials for bribery –

The 18-month investigation, which included an undercover operation with secret recordings, began focusing on contracts awarded by the Pleasantville School Board in Atlantic County. The probe eventually widened to include other government contracts and involved officials from Passaic and Essex counties, authorities said.

Among those charged are Samuel Rivera, the mayor of Passaic; Assemblyman Mims Hackett, Jr., who is also the mayor of Orange; Assemblyman Rev. Alfred E. Steele, from Paterson; and Keith Reid, the chief of staff to Newark City Council President Mildred Crump. All of them are Democrats.

The probe also netted two Passaic City Councilmen – Marcellus Jackson and Jonathon Soto – and five of the nine members of the Pleasantville School Board, which is enough for a quorum.

Note that these fuckers were caught pulling, in the grand scheme of things, some pretty petty ante payoffs and kick backs. Note also that it took the Feds, not the local and state DAs, to break it wide open. It is not wild speculation to believe that more than a few members of this crew are gonna roll over on the major players in Joisey’s systematically corrupt–and Democrat controlled–political hierarchy; party chits will not be able to be called in when the guy looking to fry you is a Fed, as opposed to someone who most likely owes something to someone in Trenton for the position they are in.

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