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Archive for "Sep 05 2007"

Allah Goes Right Off the Cliff

Dude, I’ve been living inside Steve’s ‘Reality Distortion Field’ for nearly thirty years, and have a pile of absolutely useless, antiquated hardware I refuse to part with because my veins run thick with the Cupertino Kool Aid, but this…

is just wrong, brother:

I feel as I did the first time I saw Julie Banderas.

Hot Air » Video: iPod Touch

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E Street: Back With a Vengeance?

This cut might be enough to make me buy the disc, but I wish Bruce would stop with the “Mr. Mumbles” crap when he sings verses, yet manages to enunciate properly when he reaches the chorus… I’ve got a pretty good ear for lyrics, but lately it always seems to take two listens to figure out what he’s going on about.
Amazon Earworm’s Blog: First Glimpse of Bruce Springsteen’s “Magic”

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To the Stadium Fans Chanting “MVP!”

You’re serenading the wrong guy.

This season’s Yankee MVP does NOT work at third base; he is squatting behind the plate. When Gator was gonna leave Wang in the game Jorge said “no way, pull him right now” because he realized what Wang means to the team. He basically ordered Torre to give the ace of their pitching staff the hook, and Uncle Joe did what he was told to do by the REAL leader of this team. The fact the Yanks are still in the playoff picture rests entirely on Jorge’s rock solid shoulders, not A-Hole’s gaudy numbers.

Everyone makes a big deal about A-Hole walking after this season… well, the idea the Posada might not be back scares me far more than losing A-Hole.

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