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Archive for "Sep 03 2007"

Jayyzuz Mary and Saint joeSeff

ManCamp is catered?


Yesterday Val Prieto had a party at ManCamp, to celebrate his wife’s birthday. Maggie turned 25 again. I couldn’t think of anything to give her, until I remembered the magic word: “brownies.”

They hired a professional cook to come and make paella, so Val and Tommy and I were able to relax instead of sweating over the grills. That was a nice change.

I’m sitting in the corner, crying just a little bit… good sweet baby Jeebus, you fuckers hired a fry cook?

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Kos to Kossaks: “Will You Idiots Please STFU. You’re Making Us Look Like Idiots!”

not that THAT scenario involves anything remotely resembling heavy lifting, if you know what I mean… but still….

Summary: A Daily Kos barking moonbat rifles off a breathless post suggesting, with irrefutable hard evidence from a friend in the military, that BOOSH is going to strike Iran.

Confederate Yankee, calls bullsh*t, refutes the source’s “hard evidence” and shoots it full of more holes than Beauchamp’s bullsh*t diaries.

Kos, realizing that we’re laughing at them quite hysterically, reprimands the “reality-based” morons on his site for being so damned gullible.

It’s a “holiday” HEH!

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Karma: Served Hot or Cold, it’s a Delicious Dish

He called GWB’s Segway stumble proof of the President’s “idiocy”….

So what happened when he climbed on board one of those bad boys?

Busted ribs, baby!

At least Bush didn’t kiss the dirt; this assclown reached down and made sweet monkeylove with the ground.

You sir, today, are officially annointed “maroon.”

Your Moment Of Schadenfreude For Today: Bush-Mocking Journalist Piers Morgan Gets His – Say Anything

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