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Archive for "Aug 22 2007"

Captain Dumb Reports

Daily Kos: The Literary Crimes of Jonah J. Goldberg

In dog years, Jonah may be 288, but in Internet years Jonah is indeed, yes, a newcomer. Online politics predates such things as NRO and Slate by millions of wires and many years of equally informed and uninformed opinions. Before Jonah and others discovered the commercial Internet frontier, it had already been well-settled by usenet denizens, mailing lists and, eventually yes, even websites.

This has, of course, absolutely no bearing to the rest of Jonah’s column, except to point out that Jonah’s own self-professed experience has little bearing on his own column either.

And I’d say to this “Hunter,” the author of this hit: me, TC@LeatherPenguin, has more bones in Usnet than you, and I am, in relative terms, an absolute nobody. It would not matter one whit if sites like “Daily Kos” existed, I would still be out here, banging my drum. YOU? No one would even know you existed. No Technorati rankings for your inanity; no nutroots echo machine; no nuthin’.

You’d be less than me screaming on the old ‘net about why Woz is The Living God.

You just hate Goldberg’s paycheck.

Captain Obvious Reports: Most US adults in the dark about world politics

Two-thirds of US adults admit to being in the dark about political issues outside the United States, and only a third are well-versed in US politics, the results of a poll published Tuesday showed.

and they know shit about history, too… I know. I’ve talked with a bunch of those buffoons. I call them “my friends.”
Most US adults in the dark about world politics

TNR Goes On Offense Instead Of Admitting Guilt (Flopping Aces)

In riposte to this thing I posted about previously, TNR doesn’t try clearing the waters, instead, through Jonathan Chait’s attack on The Weekly Standard’s William Krystol, deciding to muddy them ever more up:
TNR Goes On Offense Instead Of Admitting Guilt (Flopping Aces)

Jonathan, Scott’s articles are the most pure examples of the point William is making here. He wrote them to smear our troops. His blog prior to joining the Army tells of his plans to join all to legitimize his future anti-war endeavors. But you and your editors didn’t pick any of that out because you WANTED his stories to be true. You did some incompetent fact-checking, you ignored that one of the fact checkers is romantically attached to the writer, and then you printed it all. There is no excuse for this behavior. Except maybe the fact that your paper wanted to attack the men and women of our Armed Forces who have proven your side wrong over and over and over again.

Look, you dolts, he was making shit up, period. Cop to it and admit you are what you is.

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