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Archive for "Aug 21 2007"

Right, You try looking Pretty…

… when all you got to work with is ME


“Where the fuck is my beer and what the HELL is going on with that camera?”

Another Bullet in the Old Gray Lady’s Ass

Articles like this are exasperating to me because the reporter does not say who performed the analysis and does provide any of the raw data upon which the analysis was based. We also don’t know if the income figures reflect pre-tax or after-tax values because this critical piece of information is not provided. That’s because your job is to absorb the emotional anti-Bush message, not to exercise your intellectual critical reasoning abilities.

Fortunately, I happen to know that detailed income figures are provided by the Tax Policy Center here. Their numbers, which are complete through the year 2004, both confirm these trends and completely debunk this story.

Back Talk: Misleading Income Statistics, Courtesy of the New York Times

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Ninth Circuit Circus Challenged for Title as “Stupidest American Judiciary” | 08/21/2007 | Court: Just being in U.S. isn’t illegal

While unauthorized entry into the United States is illegal, being in the country after having entered illegally is not necessarily a crime, according to a new ruling by the Kansas Court of Appeals.

Got that? According to these bozos, if I break into your house, it’s a crime, but if I plant my ass on your couch and veg out, no problemo!

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