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Archive for "Aug 05 2007"


It seems I’m going there today, and staying for a week….

Wife™: “C’mon, wake up!”
(whomps me with pillow)
Me: (glances at clock, which reads 7:03AM) “Are you insane?”
Wife™: “I wanna be packed up and in the car by ten o’clock.”
Me: “Packed for what? Where are we going?”
Wife™: “The Berkshires, you idiot. Now get moving.”
Me: “You said September.”
(seriously whomps me with pillow)
Wife™: “Get your sorry Mick ass out of that bed right now, mister!”

How do you say “fuck off, Nation” in, well, Beantown bastige-ese?
You scrape together every scrap of seasonally appropriate, Yankee related clothing you own and head off for the Oak and Spuce!

There will, of course, be the obligatory day trip to Cooperstown, but if she drags me to the Rockwell Museum this time, the seppuka bets are on. The first time, it was great. Second? Meh. A third? I’d rather eat glass. There’s only so much nostalgiac crap a man can stand if it isn’t baseball related.

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