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Fundies Take Over the Courts

from Blender Boy: –
THEY TOLD ME THAT IF GEORGE W. BUSH WERE REELECTED WE’D SEE A resurgence of anti-blasphemy laws. And they were right!

Related to the previous piece about the Pace case, it’s getting to be damn ridiculous that because someone does something some other person deems “offensive,” in this case some Muslim(s), the “aggrieved” party has their personal, religious beliefs treated above and beyond the usual norms found in the law.

In the Pace case, the guy swiped a book and dumped it in a toilet and shit on it; crude, juvenile, but as easily defended as a political protest as declared an affront to someone’s religious beliefs. (Light a Bible afire in front of my eyes, I’d probably yawn; try torching a flag? Different story. If you’re sporting dreads, you’ll soon be eating my size tens while I try putting out the fire.) As far as I know, Pace is an establishment of a strictly secular bent, so this guy could not have been “insulting” the religion of the school. (As opposed to, say, Villanova.)

The only real claimant in the Pace case, as far as I can see, was the University itself; it was their book that was stolen and subsequently damaged. No one else should have any standing; any individual or group of students’ sentiments mean jack-diddly shit.

Now, if the University wants to say this was an affront against THEIR beliefs, well then, I wanna see them stand in a courtroom and explain THAT, since any defense attorney worth his bar exam score should be able to eviscerate that kind of crap.

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