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“Steamroller” Just Went “Lame Duck”

Christ, you fired nobody! Bruno’s gonna beat you like a piñata and Shelly “the Shitheel” isn’t gonna lift a finger to save your ass:
‘Sheriff of Wall Street’ on the ropes – Financial Times –

Eliot Spitzer ran for New York governor last year promising to clean up the state’s notoriously dysfunctional capital in the same bare-knuckled way that he took on Wall Street banks as a crusading state attorney-general.

Riding on his reputation as “the Sheriff of Wall Street”, Mr Spitzer cruised to victory, winning almost 70 per cent of the vote – an overwhelming sign of how eager New Yorkers were for reform in their state government.

Yeah, well, considering he ran against an empty suit, and most folks didn’t know what kind of a douchebag he was when he muscled all those Wall Street companies into paying him off to go away (the only time he actually took someone to court he got his ears pinned back); that “mandate” pretty much evaporated within five days of Eliot getting sworn in when he, Bruno and Shitheel went right back to Albany Rule One and removed all the other elected state representatives from the budget negotiations.

DIAF, you rich little Manhattan shit.

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