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Archive for "Jul 24 2007"

It Feels Like a Death in My Family

Christiana Hendrix, 1974-2007 | Cold Fury

Cold Fury was one of the first sites I discovered; like ACIDMAN, a place where wild, from the hip talking was going on. “You don’t like it? Leave.”

I offer my condolence, and appreciation. It’s a voice that will be missed.

Misha (My Blogfadda) has the words I don’t

Mike is of the Old Blogger Guard, one of the ones who kicked it all off and one of the few who are still around, and he’s always been a great friend and an enormous inspiration to me. Nobody, and I do mean nobody writes with more passion and eloquence than he does, a passion that describes everything he does. Hard-working, fun-loving, compassionate are words that all describe him perfectly, and I’m sure that they’d describe Christiana too, because Mike would never settle for anything less.

Mike, I don’t know what to say, and I know that there’s nothing I can possibly say to lessen the horrible pain you’re in right now. If there’s anything I can do, you have but to ask, my friend.

Me here on that. NYC tribute night can be easily arranged.

You got friends in Fun City.

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Midnight Mental

protein wisdom:

Do not think Professor Ric Caric that simply because you have not responded to the challenge to debate that I, Mojo JoJo, have issued you in the posts that I posted this morning challenging you to debate on several subjects that you and your minions think you understand better than I, Mojo JoJo, understand which is absurd because my intelligence is much greater than the intelligence with which you misunderestimate the intelligence that I have. This will not be forgotten, nor will I cease to remember that you have not yet answered the gauntlet thrown down before you by me, Mojo JoJo.

good Gawd, read it all.

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Sour note for Apple as early iPhone sales fail to live up to the hype

Look, I’ve been mainlining the Cupertino Joy Juice for over twenty five years, and there was no way in hell I was gonna shell out that much dough; lock my ass to an absolutely craptastic AT&T two year deal, for a unit that only has, at best config, eight megs of storage.

That said, buy AAPL on this dip, because I’ll bet cash RDF Jobs is gonna wheel out Revision Two in time for the holiday season, and it’ll be cheaper and beefier.

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