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Archive for "Jul 21 2007"

Feds to King Rhoid: “Tick Tock”

you’re going down, the only guy whose hat size increased from “working in the gym” …

Feds ready to indict King Rhoid

Bye bye, so long, farewell

Bye Barry, goodbye…

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I feel an actual, personal loyalty to our fighting men on the ground. They protect us: the loyalty works both ways. In other words, I am not a journalist. I am an American citizen, engaged in our healthy national debate. I don’t need credentials for that; and if the price of the credentials is adopting some sort of “neutrality” between America and her enemies, I don’t want them.

Again, we don’t talk to Bush or administration figures. We talk to military officers, who are brother Americans and who have taken the same oaths to our Constitution that we have, at points in our lives, also sworn. I’ll give America’s military men a voice and a platform to talk directly to Americans anytime they want it. They are also citizens, and have every right to speak directly to me or to any other citizen they choose. Whether speaking in an official capacity of their office, or as a private citizen, they owe absolutely nothing to “the profession of journalism.”

It’s amusing that everything, according to the left, is managed by some jackassed panel offering talking points from on high, but the mere notion that implying that Kos and his ilk represent some sort of groundswell is an idea made up of a tissue of lies is treated with derision; when we find out that anyone who does not toe the Kos/Firedoglake talking points gets their head blown off, it is treated as an aberration.

The “right wing” bloggers wish they had such message control. Ace don’t give a damn about Misha, and everyone from the old days is more than worrisome about Allah since he hooked up with Malkin.

I mean, there ain’t been one bust it photoshop event since he hitched his ride on that glide. And Misha is ready to tear W a new asshole.

So who has their “story” best restricted?

BLACKFIVE: Harpers v. the Blogger’s Roundtable; The Left v. Petraeus

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