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Archive for "Jul 18 2007"

C’mon, Rangel, Don’t be a Douche

Fer cryin’ out loud, Charlie, you run Ways and Means! You could fund this shit through less than a handful of Wall Street machers’ shakedowns donations in less than a heartbeat’s time:

Tucked away in this year’s labor and health bill is two million dollars sought by New York Democrat, and House Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel. The beneficiary would be the City College of New York to establish the “Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service.” That’s right — he wants us to pay for a building named in his honor. – The Earmark Congressman Rangel Wants to Include in Next Year’s Federal Spending

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Goracle: “Listen What I Say; Ignore What I Do”

Al Gore’s daughter got married last week and apparently the event was so sacred it called for eating one of the world’s most endangered fish: Chilean sea bass (which is not actually a ‘bass’). Now Gore is justifiably under scrutiny by the media and charged with eco-hypocrisy.

Gore: Ate Bass, Looks Like an Ass

Paging Maury Povich

The story I highlighted a couple posts ago just went straight into Whack-a-Dooville: DAD FLUNKS MOM

The tough-love Staten Island mom who publicly demanded that her grade-challenged son repeat the seventh grade should get an “F” in motherhood, says the woman’s estranged husband.

“A normal mother doesn’t do this, especially when she is a dropout of her own,” said Victor Raimo, 36, in a phone call from the Manhattan House of Detention where he is serving a six-month sentence for not paying child support.

Okay, someone’s gonna have to help me out here; what the devil is this “estranged” business, and how does that land the guy in the Tombs? As I interpret the term, it means these two are still married, but for whatever reason (and I could easily rattle off a few) they are pissed off at each other, NOT that they want nothing to do with each other anymore… then I believe the term should be “seperated.”

She never mentions his existence in the original article, or in the Retreat’s article about her, so how come she didn’t divorce the guy? He’s an admitted douche of a father, and has been for some time… why not sever all ties (other than to his checkbook) with the guy?

Anyway, Daddy Raimo says something along the lines of what I was thinking:

“He missed 55 days of school. How did that happen?” asked Raimo, who acknowledged he only sees his son two or three times a year. “Why is she not being a mother?”

He further blasted his estranged wife’s very public plea to flunk their son, calling it “despicable” and charging that she “humiliated” their son just to get publicity for herself.

That second paragraph is something I didn’t touch on when I made the original post: this ‘Mother of the Year’ candidate had no need to go public with this; the matter should have been handled without her talking (and posing) for the goddamn NY Post (after the “nobody reads it” Retreat’s article didn’t give her story any legs) and using her kid as a stage prop, opening him up to a dose of public (and more importantly, peer ) humiliation.

PS: as further proof that the Retreat is possibly the most inane coterie of journalists ever assembled, I offer you this waste of time and space, penned by one of their senior writers. Some crank refugee from Bay Ridge took umbrage over something motormouthed Curtis Sliwa said about this tempest in a teacup.

Yo, McMahon? Did you drag your Fort Wadsworth ass out to Travis on the Fourth of July?
Curtis (and Anthony Chester) made the trip

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