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Archive for "Jul 15 2007"

The Ace of Spades HQ Movie Review

Live Free Or Die Hard Review

McClane still can be an irreverently funny prick, too. His taunting of Maggie Q and other villains when he’s got the upper hand on them is worth some giggles. That’s part of the McClane character that survives — he’s kind of an asshole. But the kind of asshole you like, especially when he’s all that stands between you and international terrorists/thieves.

Still — while Willis and/or Weismann thought it would be a good idea to show McClane as having matured emotionally by essentially deleting the bulk of emotions, I think it really cuts at important character element of McClane, and I was sorry to see it go. He’s more like Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name in this movie, and that’s a great character and all, but I came to see John Fuckin’ McClane, not Blondie.

read it all.

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