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Archive for "Jul 09 2007"

This Better Not Suck

I’ve avoided reading any reviews, mostly because I was there for it all:

the blackout (when we realized what was going on, me and my friends, quite frankly, went bonkers with glee: “NO ALARMS WORK–IT’S PILLAGING TIME!);

Son of Sam (who scared the living shit out of me, because my sister was a near-perfect example of what seemed to be his demographic “target,” and as it played out I was convinced the fucker was gonna cross the V-Z Bridge because Queens and Brooklyn were too hot with cops on a manhunt),

and lordy, the craziest, most absolutely flat-out insane season in Yankee history… until the following year, when, of all people, Bucky “Fucking” Dent tore the hearts out of Red Sox Nation (and reminds all Yankee fans that even though this season has been one big clusterfuck, “It ain’t over till it’s over!”)

The Bronx is Burning

“This is what happens when you let hippies organise a big event”

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