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Archive for "Jun 25 2007"

FRED!!! Delivers the Fear!!!

We’re a year out from caring, and everything has already gone nuts:

Democrats tear into Fred Thompson –

Everything that is Wrong in America’s Courts, in Two Fell Sentences

Walker was among 11 attorneys present at a February hearing in the civil case in which one of Whatley’s attorneys unexpectedly announced that the vortex of contention — Perry ”Bit” Whatley — had died.

And though the guardianship matter ends, legal challenges continue.

Eleven attorneys? GAS THE GODDAMNED ROOM.

Millionaire, 84, died fleeing Harris probate court | – Houston Chronicle

Typical. Sad, but Typical

Okay, as someone who watches many a show on, as Wifeâ„¢ terms them, the “WARPORN” channels, a one second glance would have told me what I was looking at was NOT a picture of any member of the American military. No way; no how… and I’m not talking about the obvious clue.

But still, when the person in the photo has “CANADA” embossed on her epaulet, right there in plain view….
Nancy Pelosi is all for increasing Veteran’s funding, if the vets are Canadian (updated)

It’s dumbassed shit like this that convinces many people that Democrats like Pelosi have surrounded themselves with such idiots as her web editor that they truly have no comprehension at all of what “an average American” gives a damn about. If you do not have even a passing familiarity with what a typical American soldier wears as a daily utility uniform–and in this example, couldn’t give enough of a damn to even look at the frickin’ photo–don’t you ever try convincing me you “support the troops.”

You don’t even know what one looks like. If flyboys weren’t dressed in blues, you’d be totally confused. And I know one Marine, an old member of my crew, who would kill you if you dared called him “soldier” even while offering to buy him a beer.

Really, it said CANADA right there in big honking yellow letters on this person’s uniform! At LeatherPenguin Publishing, running that pic in such context would be a “firing wall and fed to the dogs” offense.

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