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Archive for "Jun 20 2007"

Captain Obvious Reports – Our Campaign Song… IS SUNG BY A CANADIAN.

There’s yer health care, right there.

Stop Wetting Yourselves (Updated)

Bloomberg Leaving Republican Party

He never really was a member, so who cares?

He’s not gonna run for Prez. He’s gonna cut Spitzer’s balls off (since Shelly has left them dangling), beat Shitheel Silver into a fucking coma, and become the Governor next time around

And then, after all that….

Play some golf and laugh.


UPDATE II: The Great White Guy climbs on the whaaambulance:

Former Borough President Guy V. Molinari, a Republican who championed Bloomberg early in 2001 and served as a top adviser to Bloomberg’s two mayoral bids, called the switch an act of political betrayal.

“It’s the old story,” a clearly piqued Molinari said. “You feel like an old shoe that’s been discarded. You’re thumbing your nose at the party you chose in order to get a path to get elected mayor. He’s saying: ‘You served your purpose, now, goodbye.'”

Molinari, who is state co-chairman of Giuliani’s presidential campaign, said Bloomberg had “broken faith with the Republican Party.”

DOOD! HE USED YOU. He never gave a shit about you once Rudy made him gold. Except for pockets on the South, we’d beat you dead in the street, Molinari. You’re now, officially, just as fucked as the micks that came before you, and Bernie Kerik’s ten dollar whores.

Hey, Bruce! What the Fuck is Up with This?

Did Bloomie go up there, play a round of golf, and buy somebody off?

N.H. prohibits smoking in bars and restaurants

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