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Archive for "Jun 16 2007"

Bobby B, RIP

An Original Berry Boy:

Wife never met him; couldn’t figure out why the phone exploded when the news hit and we boys were so distraught… “It’s Bobby Barile!” …couldn’t believe when TT called her and told her while near tears; she had no idea, then he said “look, I can’t explain this, just put Redhead on the phone.” He’d never been so abrupt.

I’m glad they added the guitar stuff in his obit. He was proud of that shit.

Wife demanded I explain what made him so big in my mix:

“”Honey,” I said, “Bobby… how can I explain this?… he was fucking invincible. He was supposed to outlive all of us, even though he was absolutely nuts for a fat slice of his life. He was five foot something or other, and God Himself could hit him with a baseball bat or a two by four and Bobby’d get up. He forced you to reach down and scream “You don’t win!” when we’d have crew brawls with guys from the Beaches or Great Kills. He wouldn’t allow us to lose. He yelled at me at games I was the goalie, and he didn’t know nothing about hockey. He’d just scream “WIN, MOTHERFUCKER.”

He drove everyone nuts. We loved that boy.

He saved me from beatdowns more times than I like to admit, just by forcing me to drag my sorry ass off the pavement while some guy thought hitting me in the head meant he was kicking my ass because, from the corner of my my eye, I’d see Bobby get up and swing from his knees.

“We could never lose with him on our side.”

“My world sucks knowing Bobby Barile is not a part of it.”


whoever “they” line up to be:

BLACKFIVE: The Difference

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Lame Duck Minority Party Douchebags, MSM Conspire to Tell The General Population “Base”: Eat Shit, Idiots; Better Yet, Just Fuck Off and Die

Ace of Spades HQ

Ah, well. It’s always been my contention that the most important function of blogs was to let people know that, despite the official pronouncements from the media and their supposed representatives, their views were actually, in many cases, the majority view, and so they should not act meekly as if they were a small minority doomed to lose but should rather fight like the mainstream representatives of the majority, destined to win, they really are.

That’s how the media and political establishment conspire to push unpopular legislation on the public — by convincing them their views are marginal and could not possibly win, and, in fact, are “extremist” and therefore things to be kept quiet about in secret shame.

What blogs, talk radio, and other non-establishment media are best at is fighting that dishonest meme and thereby letting people know that not only are they not alone, but in fact are part of the true, real mainstream majority opinion. And could, and should in most cases, prevail.

Except for the fact that the Dems are utterly worthless in my eyes when it comes to national security, I’d have washed my hands of this Administration, hoping the members of Congress could pull their idiocy away from the brink.

Yeah, I won’t get that one wrong anymore. If something as simple as “SECURE THE BORDER FIRST” makes them all jelly-kneed, well then, fuck them.

I got wild dogs and weapons that protect my borders…
how ’bout you, America?

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