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Archive for "Jun 10 2007"

And So It Goes

never really gave a shit for this show… WTF? I grew up with these douchebags.

No Easy Ending for ‘The Sopranos’

Then you heard the car roll over his head.

That was cute.

Oh, Please….

Bush in holy gaffe

Vatican City – US President George W Bush drew gasps at the Vatican on Saturday by referring to Pope Benedict XVI as “sir” instead of the expected “His Holiness”, pool reporters said.

Look, my best friend, evah, ran the seminary up at Dunwoodie, and now holds the fort at Cardinal Hayes.

There ain’t anything on this planet that could make me call Joey T. “Father.”

“Brother?” Without a doubt. He took a shotgun blast (he left that out: scumbag walked into the Clove Road drug store and shot Joe for no damn reason) that killed a hand that HANDLED PUCKS and STILL he loves his fellow man…

he’s hella better than me.

She’s Talking About Me

The 2008 juggernaut: Reagan Democrats

This encapsulates why I registered as “Independent” in 1978 (the same day I reported to the Post Office and filled out my Selective Service form (note to feminists: you want equality? Sign your punk asses on that bottom line. I could never be drafted, but I signed on the dotted line. You “ERA Now!” yentas never took it the whole nine yards)):

They were the defectors of the late 20th century who twice swept Ronald Reagan into office in landslide proportions: ethnic working-class Northerners, typically Catholic with traditional values and populist tendencies.

Nearly 30 years after they first split from their party, Reagan Democrats are once again at the epicenter of an election cycle.

These Reagan Democrats left their natural base in the 1980 presidential election because their party was no longer their champion. Thanks to a sour economy, weak national security and political pressure groups that hijacked the Democrats’ agenda, they jumped ship in favor of Reagan.

Since then, these habitual ticket-splitters have largely been ignored by their party of birth.

Mom and Da were “off the boat” Irish (legal) immigrants. When I was born, there were three things already awaiting me: an AOH membership; a Democrat Party voter registraion, and a job working for MaBSTOA (now folded into the MTA).

I’ve pretty much burned them all up.

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