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Archive for "Jun 04 2007"

Clash of the Hippies!

“I’m sick of stepping over gangs of kids, only to be told ‘Die, yuppie!’ A lot of us were flower children, but we grew up,” said Robert Shadoian, 58, a retired family therapist. “There are responsibilities in this world you have to meet. You can’t be drugged out 24/7 and expect the world to take care of you.”

Ahh, sweet irony!

I take offense at referring to these young miscreants as “punks.”


Real punks wouldn’t say, “Die, yuppie!” They’d knock you on your ass and steal your wallet.

“I used to be a hippie. I wore beads and grew my hair long,” he said. “But my generation had something these kids do not: a standard of civilized behavior….”

Is that what you called dropping acid, getting naked, and fucking in the mud at Yasgur’s Farm? “Civilized behavior”?

According to your parents (aka: “The Man,” which you have now become), you people were these people back in your heyday.

Hippies-turned-homeowners vs. Punks in Haight-Ashbury

(h/t: Insty)

Isn’t This an FEC Violation?

Al Franken: If You Ever Wonder Whether We Really Need Public Financing of Elections in this Country

Zsa Zsa’s House of Preening Moonbats considers itself a big-time “New Media” outlet, so it would be easy to consider allowing declared Minny US Senate candidate Franken’s utterances on campaign financing on their site, while also begging for donations, to be a political commercial promoting his candidacy. It amounts to a free advertisement for his campaign, after all.

So, if his opponents are not afforded equal access, wouldn’t this riff of Franken’s on HuffPo be considered an “in kind” donation, subject to FEC oversight?

Air America Idiot Update

I wasn’t planning on even bothering this time out, but things change.

Anyway, The numbers are in…
The NYC Arbitron Abbattior 05/29/07:
WABC (Rush, Hannity): 3.7 (.2 gain); 5th overall
WOR (O’Reilly, Savage): 2.0 (.1 loss); 20th overall
WWRL (New Air Idiot): 0.6; (.1 loss) 33th overall

Air Idiot once again loses share to their former station, WLIB, which switched to Gospel, and has seen their monthly numbers rise. At this point, the only reason AAR is even bothering with a NYC Metro broadcast is just to be able to say–with a straight face–that they actually are broadcasting in the biggest market.

As an added bonus (ie: piling on) JYB has this lovely bit of news:
Janeane Garofalo records used to break prisoners

As someone who tried listening to that shrew, I can understand the reasoning behind using her whiny yapping as a means to break someone’s soul.

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