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Archive for "May 29 2007"

“Honey? C’mere… It’s Happy Hour!”

Ace is a dirty, dirty boy.

He’s making that bird do “Yo!” man work.

Some Things Make Me Laugh Out Loud

a very interesting article, The Factchecking Facts @ AMERICAN DIGEST, contained one sentence that just gave me the “I nearly shitted” giggles:

Having an insane publisher who believed in magic cancer cures, aliens from outer space, and that female urination was a turn on didn’t make our burden any lighter.

I’ve had kids do freelance work for me who would swear on a stack of Bibles that sentence was about “that crazy redheaded fuck.” … ie: Me.

Is Bob Guccione my “Blue Pen from Hell” Editorial Daddy?

Ma? Tell me it ain’t so!

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It’s “Crazy Ivan” Time!

Russia Touts Test-Launch of New ICBMs

It’s a tad weird that this story is running under “Financial” news, until you think about it.

Damned Capitalists!

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