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Archive for "May 21 2007"

WaPo Plays Semantic Games in Carson/DDT Story

Dead babies are a bummer, but hey? You gotta crack eggs if you wanna make a righteous enviromentalist omelet, right? Forget “for the children,” this madness is continued for the birds….
via Ace, who asks (and explains) the reasoning behind the word games:

Why is the Washington Post so vague about what is meant by “numerous” deaths?

Because the deaths were/are being caused by an environmentlaist beloved by the left, whose crusade against DDT undeniably saved the lives of many birds… and just as undeniably took the lives of a half million or more human children every year.

It’s the same with the return of the TB scourge. Reporting the facts about why malaria and TB haven’t been eradicated will upset a politically correct applecart. Pointing out that illegal aliens are importing a disease that had pretty much been eradicated in the USA brands you a bigot who “fears brown people,” as Ace loves to say.

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