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Fred!/Bloomy ’08

I was skipping around the Interweb tubes and have noted that no one seems happy about the “comprehensive” Amnesty Act, and it occurred to me that this issue has a real chance of blowing the crap out of the two party system. For differing reasons, chunks of both party’s base hate the bill as it has (so far) been presented. Repubs think it’s too weak; Dems think it’s too “onerous.”

If it somehow clears the Senate (I doubt it, but who knows?), it will die in the House. Many of those House freshman who gave the Democrats control in the House ran as conservative Dems; not typical liberals. They know if they support this shit, they are toast. Likewise, any Repub who goes along with this is gonna see their supporters put away the checkbooks and refuse to pull the lever come the next election.

So I’m thinking, “Thompson and Bloomberg combine to run an independent campaign. Bloomie can bury any opponent, money-wise; Thompson can bury any opponent, communication-wise. Ipso-facto, they combine and destroy whoever is running from either party.”

The only question is whether Bloomie would settle to be Number Two on the campaign ticket while personally underwriting it.

Anyway, it’s a thought I’ve been toying with this morning, but haven’t given any hard thought towards the arguments for or against the idea.

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