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Archive for "May 12 2007"

These “Media Matters” Boys Are Girls

Media Matters – Gregory, Byron York repeated myth of Giuliani as 9-11 hero, omitting criticism

Hey, you mary-assed faggits? (And I mean that as heavily “lacking in Regular Guy (traditional) thought” as is possible).

You’re a bunch of whiny girls who didn’t make the cheerleader squad.

When the buildings had not fallen; were still burning and anyone with a right mind KNEW they were gonna come down, Rudy did not run away. As opposed to the majority reaction of elitist pricks, he went right into the thick.

That’s the reason you all hate a guy who doesn’t have a snowball in Miami’s chance of getting elected and are so determined to screw him: he showed brass you girls could never pull outta your ass.

Slam him for a whole lotta shit; he’s fair game. I was fed up with him on 9-10-01. But NOT ONE of you cocksuckers ran desperate through the Cloud, when Hell was in session; stood beside the guys diggin on The Pile.

Or (I’d bet my house) attended one goddamn FDNY service that did not involve a family friend or a “just the facts, ma’am” reporting foray.

Fuck you douchebags. I know homeless bum fucks with more guts.

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