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Archive for "Apr 19 2007"

This is an Odd Feeling

Here it is, the day before the first meetup with the feckless Fenway fuckwits, and for me, it does… nothing. Whereas usually such an occasion would bring forth that sweet mixture of glee, rage and dread in my head, all I’m thinking is:

“Fuck the Sox. I want the Mutts and I want them NOW, while the hitting and bullpen are so smoking hot it don’t matter who the hell Torre hands the ball to at the beginning of the game.”

It’s very weird. I look at the standings and see handing out a beatdown in Beantown this weekend puts the Yanks in first place, and while I dig the idea, in my heart I don’t really give a shit since it’s only April. I’d much rather see hellfire rained down on the Mutts so my next door Mutt fan neighbor has to shut the fuck up.

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One of the Coolest Things in the World

One ayem, bopping down the block, Bootz on a leash, the murder twins ranging around, unencumbered. We hear glass break, and we all stop.

I was the only one not standing stiff with his ears up, teeth bared, and growling like crazy. Then again, I was not carrying a mirror. The twins turned around and looked at me, then back towards the sound, then back at me; I gave them the “go ahead” chin thrust, and off they went. Barking ensued. Three kids come hauling ass out of the shadows from around the corner about half the block up, with the twins strolling along behind them at a leisurely pace. Bootz is straining on his leash, yelling like crazy….

I shush Bootz, toot a whistle through my teeth and say “C’mere you morons.”

They come. I get them sitting alongside Bootz, and all three look at me, goofy and grinning, as if saying “now what, boss?”

Sometimes I fucking love my life.

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