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One Thousand, Two Hundred Fifty Bagillionith Reason They Can Suck My Crunk

The sheer insanity is what constantly confounds me when trying to understand the thought process that drives the “way the fuck out there” moonbattylicious Left… it can be summed up right the hell here, in Mahablog’s response to the Duke Lacrosse Denouement:

“innocence” is not necessarily innocent.

Got that? Fuck the facts; fuck the law; fuck the DNA, and double fuck the NC State AG and all that physical evidence and prosecutorial misconduct. He came in–took a look at the case–and said it was bullshit, because he did not understand the Patriarchal Complex. He missed the real issues! Those jock boys [allegedly] were lookin’ at nekkid chicks!

Maha, (actually some useless tool named Babs O’Brian, who runs a job begger riff atop her “about” file, and really has to explain to me what’s the bloody point of using a handle when your real name is right fucking there? ) knows better than anyone what went down in Durham… while sitting in some squat in NYC.

ACE! delivers a big ol’ man smack:
“I Will Not Be Shamed Into Accepting Reality”

She kind of gives the game away with that sneering mention of “evidence” as if it’s just another tool of the patriarchy designed to oppress her.

Which, frankly, it is. Logic, evidence, reason — all tools of the patriarchy rejected by stupid vag-clowns like this. Gets in the way of their ovarian emoting.

Oh, BTW, toots? I’ll see your Columbia Mizzu goatskin and raise you a full house of Breslin, Hamill, and Hunter Thompson brio. Take your CV and shove it where the real men fear to tread. If I got that degree in ’73 I’d be embarrassed to foist those “clips” into the wind. Shit, I was drunk when I first got a rambling wreck printed in an Advance/Conde Nast publication; I did it based on a dare, with nothing more than a NYC public high school diploma in my hand to guide me.

more here: The Duke case: A peek behind the left’s curtain (updated)

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