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Air America Idiot Update

His Kosness has a post about Sam Seder getting yanked from his morning slot, acknowledging that the Brothers Green, as new owners, get to play with their toy however they see fit, though Kos doesn’t like it:

But I can say without equivocation that Sam’s show was the biggest revelation to come out of the radio network. Remember, Sam was supposed to be the sidekick for the far better known Janeane Garofalo, yet ended up being one if the network’s strongest, most popular personalities. It’s not easy to emerge from someone famous’ shadow, yet Sam pulled it off, always getting better and better.

When you get into the comments, you get the feeling that Moron Markie may have made a huge mistake in shoving Seder aside for Lionel. The KosKids are not amused that Seder has been ditched, with one commenter saying of Lionel:

“a wimpy guy with an annoying voice, gossipy and ill-informed. I’ve heard his show a few times while down in Albuquerque, and turned it off after a few minutes. I don’t see Lionel bringing in progressive bloggers, he’s more the kinda guy.”

and “AAR has jumped the shark” makes a few appearances in the thread… along with a huge chunk of raging “FUCK YOU” goodness!

Personally, I don’t get the change from either direction’s perspective. Lionel goes from the WOR blowtorch to a station you damn near need to be within spitting distance of to receive clearly. And I don’t see most of his WOR audience following him, because of both the crappy signal and the fact that he was on at night, and now will be on in the mornings, and those numbers just cannot–and will not–automatically translate. The only reason, if I’m Lionel, I make that move is a wheelbarrel’s worth of money.

Shitcanning Seder seems to be the last straw for many of the KosKids, which means Moron Markie has pissed off his netlet’s base with his first strategic programming change. I don’t know how many AAR affiliates will go along with the move; many might decide to plug someone of their own choosing into the hole. And any affiliates Lionel has through syndication are out of the equation: They were interested in running his show from 10PM-1AM (EST)… I doubt they are gonna overturn their schedules to suit Lionel’s needs… or run his show on a tape delay. Most listeners cannot stand when the show they are listening to gives out call-in numbers that are useless to them.
(see: WABC/Laura Ingraham. WTBF is that about!).

You’d think that someone among the new crew at Air Idiot would have done their homework and talked to their core listeners; throw a poll and a forum up on AAR’s website and ask what THEY wanted to see changed, and more importantly, what they didn’t want to see messed with.

But that would make business sense, something Air Idiot’s management (in it’s various configurations) has never shown since Day One.

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