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Dont’ Know Much About History….

Actually, I do; it once was required if you wanted to escape to the next grade, and I fell in love with it. I’ve found it’s a required tool to comprehend what the hell’s going on around you in the world… just like an understanding of Constitutional Law: you don’t like it? doesn’t mean it ain’t a matter of fact, AND YOUR FEELINGS don’t trump law.

But now, according to Haavaahd, it’s overrated:
The Harvard Crimson : Professors Turn Down Requiring History

In a wide-ranging discussion, professors touched on both the finer points of grammar and the meaning of a liberal arts education. But the meeting was dominated by the controversial amendment put forward by Professor of History of Art and Architecture Jeffrey F. Hamburger on behalf of 64 others to rename one of the proposed categories “Culture, History, and Belief.”

“I believe to the extent that we can claim anything to be a universal category, the study of the past is one such category,” Hamburger told the Faculty. An explanatory note to his amendment argued that “it is impossible to understand culture and structures of belief” without discussing “the historical traditions that inform them.”

Hamburger said that opponents to the amendment feared a history “interest group.” One of the opponents, Wertham Professor of Law and Psychiatry in Society Diana L. Eck, said, “It gradually would become the history category… Culture and Belief is broader than that.”

I’m telling you… I am SO holding back on committing libel and slander….

Outgoing Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Theda Skocpol agreed, saying, “Culture and belief can be now or in the past, and I don’t think we need that word.”

You savvy that last bolded bit? “History” gets in the way of the narrative! The word “history” itself changes the paradigm. Fully checked facts from previous, momentary epochs have no business in the current, inchoate, dischordant discourse.


If I’m Imus, I call this idiot to the stand when I sue the shit out of MSNBC.

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