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Will the White House, Once Again, Allow The Logan Act to Be Totally Ignored? [UPDATED]

Pelosi, Lantos may be interested in diplomatic trip to Iran

House Speaker [tag]Nancy Pelosi[/tag] and Rep. [tag]Tom Lantos[/tag], D-San Mateo, just back from a trip to Syria that sparked sharp criticism from Republicans and the Bush administration, suggested Tuesday that they may be interested in taking another diplomatic trip – to open a dialogue with [tag]Iran[/tag].

The Democratic speaker from San Francisco and Lantos, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, were asked at a press conference in San Francisco Tuesday whether on the heels of their recent trip to the Middle East they would be interested in extending their diplomacy in the troubled region with a visit to Iran.

“Speaking just for myself, I would be ready to get on a plane tomorrow morning, because however objectionable, unfair and inaccurate many of (Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s) statements are, it is important that we have a dialogue with him,” Lantos said. “Speaking for myself, I’m ready to go — and knowing the speaker, I think that she might be.”

Pelosi did not dispute that statement, and noted that Lantos — a Hungarian-born survivor of the Holocaust — brought “great experience, knowledge and judgment” to the recent bipartisan congressional delegation trip to Israel, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia in addition to Syria.

So once again, Pelosi and Lantos are announcing they are brazenly willing to work outside the laws of the United States in pursuit of their own diplomatic agenda; in utter contempt to the havoc such actions can wreak, for no reason other than to screw with the White House… who will, once again, most likely let them get away with violating the [tag]Logan Act[/tag] without paying any penalty.

They cannot make any diplomatic agreements in the name of the United States, so calling what they are promulgating “diplomacy” is a bald-faced lie; hell, Iran’s already shown, through their snatching of the Brits and continued pursuit of nukes that they have nothing but contempt for the EU and UN. At best, any conversations they hold with Ahmahnutjob will be akin to talking to a brick wall. At worse, it will further convince the little bastard that the West is something to be laughed at; ruled by leaders whose governments don’t have the nerve to confront him, and that the President of the United States can’t even control his own country’s foreign policy message, so anything coming from the White House or State Department can be ignored.

The very presence of the Speaker of the House and chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee will tell him the American Congress will never go along with anything the Executive branch proposes concerning dealing with Iran.

Pelosi will offer assurances that the Democrat-controlled Congress will not allow Bush to move forcefully against Iranian aggression in the region, and she’ll suggest that Ahmahnutjob needs to dial down his rhetoric. The little loon will smile, mutter some useless platitudes, and have another propaganda victory, further affirming his message to the rest of the Middle East:

The infidels cannot stop me. The Great Satan’s leader cannot even control this stupid woman! Iran is now the regional power that you all better start sucking up to, or you’ll all be turned into Lebanon.

[UPDATE: I’ve been reading a bit into Lantos’s bio; he’s no “Holocaust surviver.” Didn’t spend Day One in a Death Camp. Just being an “Aryan looking” Jew at the time doesn’t allow you to cash that dime when you also claim to be a member of an underground resistence… no matter how many times you invoke Wallenberg. You claimed “liberation”… when a Russian soldier walked into your safe house. Sorry, for me, that reasoning just doesn’t fly, whether Spielberg brought your myth to a silver screen or not. In my eyes, having a cop walk in the house where you had piled the mattresses after he chased away the bad guys doesn’t mean anything… surely don’t make you a “victim.”]

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