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Archive for "Apr 10 2007"

Pussification of America Marches On…

Marshmallow compromise saves Penn ritual – Yahoo! News

Some students at the University of Pennsylvania have eagerly waited for three years to be pelted with flour, eggs, ketchup and mustard.

They’ll have to settle for streamers and marshmallows.

That was part of the compromise agreed to by Penn officials and students participating in “Hey Day,” a decades-old rite of passage that administrators at the Ivy League college had threatened to curtail or abolish because of fears it jeopardized student safety.

America, Two-Ought Edition: “Just check your balls at the door.”

via FARK

About Imus and “Nappy Head Hoes”

All these people outraged are full of shit; that moron has been saying worse for decades, and his ratings have been tanking just as long. It wasn’t until MSNBC decided to simulcast his radio show, and he became the Beltway’s darling by inviting pols and NBC’s and other MSM political beat reporters to make pit stops that his career was suddenly rejuvenated; he wasn’t allowed to just disappear from the airwaves, to retire to his ranch, as his career arc practically demanded before his TV deal. Even after that farce was put in place, no one beyond the Beltway gave a shit about him. Howard Stern had knifed the old geezer to death two decades ago.

But having Al “Tawana; Crown Heights; Freddie’s” Sharpton standing in judgement is fucking insane. Imus said something dumb; Sharpie’s got blood on his hands following far harsher racist rhetoric.

And Sharpie’s never apologized for any of it.

Last Night’s “24”

Well, they managed to chase the sharks out of the tank for most of the episode; JACK!: the Homicidal Smart Mouth One Man Wrecking Machine, was back in all his malevolent glory. From telling Fayed “Now we’re gonna have fun,” when the thought of sweet, chemical torture was on the agenda, to “Say hello to your brother” when he wrapped the chain around Fayed’s neck and hit the UP button, it was all good!

BAUER POWER! caused Ricky Stratton to utter the best line of the night, when he viewed five terrorists laid/hanging dead from Jack’s handiwork in singlehandedly recovering the suitcase nukes: “Damn, Jack….”

And then… Audrey? You bastards, not Penis Nose again!

If Wifeâ„¢ was not sitting next to me and stayed my hand, the TV was gonna meet the glass ashtray in a manner usually reserved for TC’s patented “Yankees Driving Me to Insanity” episodes.

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